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I was suppose to go in for a day of on the job interviewing at the aarons in Rock Springs Wyoming last week. I did go in but the Sales manager that was to be helping me did not show up til the afternoon, then sat with the store manager in a room with the door closed for a good part of the day.

laughing and joking about who knows what. The people in the office that were to be making payment phone calls were on the floor doing sells and answering the phone most of the time. Then the store manager tells another interview person that the people in the office are not doing there jobs. HMMM whats wrong with this picture the store manager and the girl sales manager are constantly together she comes in late and the office people are the ones doing her job ya guess they are not doing there job cause they are doing hers so she can chase after him all day.

I feel sorry for the office employee's and no one seems to care cause why I really do not know. Has anyone else seen instances like this , is it normal , I know what it looked like to me if offered the position now would not accept it knowing the circumstances that go on there

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...i went in for an interview at a store in redford michigan and observed the same....its a shame.


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