Binghamton, New York

They advertised at 32 inch TV which was on sale somewhere else. Their policy is if you find the same item on sale they will match the price.

First they had the TV, then couldn't find it, called hq, spoke to supervisor, and after about an hour found the TV. They claimed they would not honor because one number did not match the model (on sale). I suspect they changed the number or lied outright. Either way I'll never step foot in one of their stores again!

The TV on sale was at Kmart for around $200; the same TV at Aaron's was around $1000 (to purchase outright...more with payments)! They are a dishonest bunch.

If they had honored their own policy I would have become a loyal customer.....oh well.....their loss! I saved my money and purchased a similar TV outright a month later!

Product or Service Mentioned: Aarons Tv Rental.

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I read your complaint about Aaron's false advertising practices. My law firm is investigating claims against Aaron’s misleading advertising and confusing pricing. If you are interested in learning more and becoming part of the lawsuit you can contact me , Patrice Sandhu, at psandhu@susmangodfrey. com or Katherine Hoek at khoek@susmangodfrey.




IF KMart had the TV on sale for $200.00, why didn't you go there and buy it? This makes no sense, why would you want to pay the interest at a rent to own place, when you could allegedly get it cheaper at KMart?


Why do you post on almost every complaint defending Aaron's. Sites like these are designed to help other consumers make better decisions about their purchases. Aren't there better things to do in Sioux Falls?

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