After being a week late on a payment, Aaron's sent someone to my house while I was at work. Since I was not there, I received a door tag asking to call the store.

When I called, I was put through to a manager named Brian.

Brian answered the phone with a very short "Hello" & continued to use the same short, snappy tone throughout the whole conversation.

I told him that I understood the amount was due, & that I would like to set up a date to make the payment the following week when I got paid. He asked me "Well how often do you get paid then?" I was confused as to the relevance, but told it was every 2 weeks. He then said "So that means you were paid this past Friday & chose not to make a payment."

I could not believe it. I told him that I had other more high priority bills to take care of. He snapped that this one time he could make an exception but to "not turn this into a habit."

He then asked me a serious of random questions, like the approximate time I would be making the payment as well as if I would be using cash. He then said "The next day is a holiday, we are closed. I don't want to hear that you missed making the payment then & use the store being closed the next day as the reason for it being another day late."

Again, I was shocked at his tone. I told him I would be making the payment on the agreed day. He then curtly ended the conversation.

I literally sat with the phone in my hand for a few minutes going over the conversation in my mind, surprised at his attitude.

I was never dealt with such a rude manager in my life. I acknowledge that my payment was late but I don't believe that is any excuse to speak that way to customers. He was extremely condescending.

I only have 5 months left on the contract, after which I will never do business with them again.

Review about: Aarons Customer Care.

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Brooklyn, New York, United States #736092

You people who are attacking this person are complete morons. It does not matter how late a person is with their payment. It doesn't matter how much they owe. A bill collector is NEVER--UNDER. ANY. CIRCUMSTANCE--Suppose to talk to customer that way. PERIOD!

It's none of your business why he/she is late with the payment or what the agreement was with the company. Just because he/she broke their side of the agreement doesn't mean the company is allowed to break theirs. This is how lawsuits are born and companies with employees drunk off the power of their 10 dollar an hour salary often find themselves in court because of it.

You can see how quickly a representative from Aarons responded to try to take care of the situation. The employee in question may have been reprimanded, even fired. So if you were under the impression that collectors can be insulting to the people they are collecting from, THINK AGAIN.


its unbelievable that so many people talk about how bad Aarons and Rent-A-Center are but what you fail to add is Rent-A-Center. not only ask each customer what day they would like to pay but also how often each customer tells them. But yet more than half fail to do what they said they would do.so they lie and then blame companies and talk noise when the companies go to collect I am customer who pays and calls when their is a problem and I have no issue with either company so grow up shut up and do what you are suppose to .

Tomball, Texas, United States #724215

If you pay them there would not be a problem and if you call them ahead of time most times they are cool about eating

Atlanta, Georgia, United States #721677
Aarons Verified Representative

Dear Anonymous,

Thank you for your review and for bringing this to my attention. I am very sorry for the negative service you received from the General Manager of your local Aaron's and the way this situation involving your account was handled. I would be happy to further assist you and look into this matter.

At your earliest convenience, will you please contact me at Response@aarons.com or at 678-402-3711? Please share with me details including your name, store location, agreement number, and the best contact number to reach you.

I look forward to hearing from you.



Sioux Falls, South Dakota, United States #719140

From what different people tell me that is how any of the rent to own places operate. But when you owe people money, they do expect regular payments no matter what type of business it is.

Spring, Texas, United States #719108

The same thing here at the Spring Texas location. I have a odd situation and have been in contact with them abd yet they still call and harrass me and come to an apartent that I have subleased to a friend!! Its unbelievable that they can get away with this!!!

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