Jefferson, Georgia

The Manager of the Aarons store in Murphy N.C. is the most rude arrogant person I have ever delt with.

As long as your buying something, he is nice enough. Try returning something and he becomes an absolute, total ***! I have never had such a horrible experience in any place of business. If your thinking about doing business with Aarons, please do yourself a favor and avoid the place like poison.

I leased a washer and dyer and decided to return it after the 4 month minimum, I have gone in the store and signed the necessary paper work. It's been 3 weeks now and we are still wating for them to pick up the merchandise. We've called them twice and ask when they planned to pick them up. Each time they say someone will call.

Today I received a bill for the next months rental.

These people are just the worst.

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We rented a washer and dryer from aarons. the dryer stopped working so we called them to fix it.

it took forever for them to come get it and give us a replacement while they"fixed" that one. we got ti back months later and it still.didnt work. we had them back out to the house twice more with no luck in getting it fixed. the manager was very rude diring the whole ordeal.

we finally got it fixed and two months off our payments when i went over the heads of the jerks at the local store and called the main company in charge and told them i tefuse to pay for the months it hasnt been fixed and if it was not fixed soon they could come get it. it was fixed within 3 days. took the guy 15 min to change out a part.(he wAsnt the fixit giy from the store obviously). we made the mistake of renting a laptop from them at a later date.

it got ran over and we took it to them to see if it could be repaired since their stuff is supposed to be insured while you are paying for it. they claimed it wasnt insured, TOOK the laptop, and claimed we still had to pay for it even tho they kept it. we said if we had to pay for it we wanted it. they did not return it and nothing else was said aside from a couple letters a few years ago.

today we get a summons to court about it wanting twice what the original cost was.

any advice? we are in tn btw.


Aaron's in Bristol CT came to my house at 8:30 pm to collect a $90 payment that was a billing error on their part. I was not home yet from wk, my 13 year daughter called me and told me they were banging on the door and then the two guys tried to open the door.

They try to use mobster tactics to scare people. THEY ARE CRIMINALS!


Same here. We called them everyday for a week to come and pick up the washer and dryer as we no longer needed them.

Every day we were assured someone would be there to pick it up and every day NO ONE CAME. The only way we got them to come take them back was to tell the manager that we were refusing to pay the next month's payment because we no longer wanted the washer and dryer, and if need be, we would bring their merchandise to them and leave it at their front door. Finally someone showed up... at 8:45 p.m.

while I'm trying to get my kids to sleep. Will NEVER use them again.


Dear whom it may concern,

I am shocked and disappointed to be writing this letter to you today. After more than 3years of me and my mother-in law been usring your sevices, I had the worst customer service experience of my life.

Here's what happened: on this date sept.17, 2010 aound 830 AM.I get the miss phone call so i call back and asking who was it, the gentleman was pick up the phone and asking me who am i back with out introduce himself, so i tell him what is my name, and then i ask him back who was he, he still dont tell me his name and where he calling fron and what matter that he calling and being so RUDE and ask me what is my last name so i ask him back why you need my last name,i still try to ask him where he calling from? he still REFUSE TO TELL ME WHO WAS HE AND WHAT/WHY HE CALLING ,so i hand the phone to my wife and he still being RUDE to her so we hang up the phone and call back that number and we find out that "AAron store # 5778 in N. Wickham rd.,Melbourne FL.the manager in traing pick up the phone she been very pofessional tell us his name is DON and i ask her what is his last name so i can write this letter to. but she said she dont know have to wait for AJ he be in at NOON( he is a GM , he is great to us and he always taking care of me and my family)so i call them back later that day Mr.Don is pick up the phone so i ask him if i can talk to Manager he said he is a managerin charge so i ask him if i can can have his last name so i can write the letter ,Mr.DON was now yelling and be UNPROFESSIONAL still being RUDE still refuse to give me his last name and store number to me because i tell him that im going to write a complain letter to the store/whom it may concern to, i later find out the store number from my lease agreement.

What a way to startmy day. I am sure this treatment is not a regular occurrence, but that doesn't change the fact that I was subjected to it.

Please take steps to ensure that this employee know that these actions were not in line with your company's values and policies. Additionally, I would like to return all my items back if this matter not been resolve.

I would be happy to provide further details if you wish. I can be reached at 321********


s chaiphum


:( I purchased a t.v. and could not get anyone on a service call so I called and told them to come and get the set and they just continue to ignore me aside from harasing me for payments. sorriest exuse for s product store I have ever seen!!!!!!!!!


Wow! Sorry to hear that Brenda! I bought a new washer from the Arrons in Rotterdam NY, and they were very helpful and even went out of their way to get me a brand new one in the box!


i bought a washer ,they have tried to get me to pay the price for washer and dryer.they can't keep their records straight.the store i'm talking about is in sheridan arkansas.and the guy is micheal.the store is not what it is cracked up to be.




I went into rent a washer and dryer. Asked for all the details.

Then when they came to deliver the machines, they sent the wrong ones. Tried to bring a used washer and dryer. Which i was not going to accept. They are very unprofessional, not knowledgeable, and totally confused.

I will be renting these machines for one more month. Then they will be returned.

These people donot have a clue how a legitimate business. :(


Do what we did. Put it out in the yard and call them and tell them where they can pick it up.

Advise them you will not be responsible for their property any longer.

See how they run!!! :grin

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