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i worked for 414 boston road for 2 years as a product technician and nons member. i gave them my all i trained people cleaned the warehouse the best they said they have ever had it i was a great employee always training ne delivery people but yet never getting lead pt..i did floor work everything neccessary and above yet on review i get nothing but meets company standars or below..

then i have two heart surgeries and vome back after each one less then a week and a half later.. back to bustin my *** did i get any credit or anything nope. and i did it because they were short hande to help them out.. then i blow my shoulder out delivering and am out again..

their compnay clinic says oh you tore your bicep well its two years later and my rotator is shot not my bicep ive been living in pain for almost 2 years now.. but guess what a week later even though my shoulder was shot and had no strength i went back to help out again doin 60 hour weeks...so finally i have an out of state family emergency and guess what they fire me so i try to collect unemployment and the district mgr and store mgr show up to fight me... neither of them came prepared couldnt get their dates straight. contradicted each other all the time made up lies..

soo i had a copy of their policy book and i calkled them out on every invalid point they tried to make.

i was unlawfully fired and even the ladt conducting the unemployment interview.even said according to not only uunemployment policy and their company policy i was allowed a leave for family emergency .. soo all in all aarons sux to work for and they are crooks trust someone that worked behind the scenes on accounts..one day your their best friend but the secind you leave even as a consumer they pick on you and do nothin but talk ***...good luck id never deal with them again in my life even if i was homeless and desperately needed a job.

Product or Service Mentioned: Aarons Delivery Service.

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