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My husband and I decided to get a washer and a refrigerator at AArons in Spring, TX. They scheduled a delivery time that they did not show up or call for.

I went to the store the next day and they bold faced lied about calling us but I went ahead and scheduled for that night. I received my refrigerator but no washer. UGH! Plus they showed up an hour early so I wasn't even there at the time.

My daughter in law was the only one home to take the merchandise. She called me and said there was no washer. I called the store and they said they would put it on the truck and bring it right over. After waiting 2 hours for them to show up I tried to call the store and of course they were closed so I waited til the next day.

On the third day they finally got it right. All went well the fist month. We scheduled the refrigerator payment on the 15th and washer on the 1st. The second month they called me on the 2nd day of the month to tell me that my payment was later for the refrigerator.

I reminded them that it was due on the 15th and they apologized. On the 3rd month same deal with refrigerator a phone call saying it was late when it was paid by the 15th of the previous month as scheduled but this time they called my husband at work!! My husbands employer was not pleased with him getting a personal call during the busiest time of the day! My husband and I decided to go elsewhere to get the items we needed and I personally went to the store to make sure they knew why I didn't want to do business with them anymore.

I asked them to pick up their merchandise and I watched as the man I was talking to put me on the pick up list for the next night. Guess what? NO ONE SHOWED UP OR CALLED. When I called they tried to say no one was home...

I was home all night as well as the other 8 people in my home as I had family visiting from out of town.. LIARS and horrible business people!

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