I went to Aaron's to rent a camcorder, the one they showed me was 449.00, the same one was at Walmart for 249.00. I told them, they said get a picture we will match.

I did. They said oh we will only match that on a straight purchase not on our program. I said if that's the case I will do business with Wal-Mart, I am in retail sales and to be deceptive to a client is one of the worst things you can do.

This Aaron's is on Broadway in metro Denver. Really I encourage you to do business elsewhere as you can see doing business here is twice as expensive if not more...

Monetary Loss: $249.

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The "We'll beat anyone" is deceptive. If you read the fine print in a light shade of their webpage, it states "retail price".

I brought in an add off the internet for a laptop that was listed for $399.00, Aaron's had it for retail at $899.99, they would not match the $399.00 because that was a "sale" price and not the actual retail price. Furthermore, they said the only way to match the retail price is if you bought it cash or credit therefore it's not an option to lease at the matched price. ** CONSUMERS BEWARE.

EDUCATE YOURSELF BY ASKING A LOT OF QUESTIONS ON HOW ADVERTISINGS/MARKETING SCEMES WORK FROM THIS COMPANY**. This company is not a "non-profit" organization and will consume your hard earned money for their gain.


The logic behind the bottom dollar sux BUT for someone like myself who cannot afford to shell out that kind of money up front it works. For your reason alone I was skeptical about making my first purchase with them but in the end it helped me with my new couch and affordable payments.

I had an OK experience with them and am currently on my 4th purchase - I'm actually surprised to say. Great quality stuff, and while I'm still on my payment plan they warranty their stuff. My 60" tv that I have 1 1/2 payments left on - its a DLP and the bulbs are usually only good for 2 yrs. The 2 yrs is almost up, and the bulb blew.

A $349 REPLACEMENT - I called aaron's looking for a local retailer, and they are getting me a replacement absolutely free. If you are in the nj area I highly suggest going out of your way to the Rockaway location.

AMAZING customer service, and I will now be a life long customer. I suggest trying another store - Kim

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