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My husband and I just bought a king size mattress, box springs, & bed frome from Aaron's Saturday. They told us they were getting it from another store & might could deliver on Mon but would probably be Tues afternoon so we told them that was fine.

I stayed home waiting all day Tues and they never showed up or called so my husband called them. They said the road conditions where they are were bad & couldn't deliver. We understood that but they should have called to let me know. They told my husband that it would be delivered today for sure by lunchtime.

Lunchtime came and no bed or call so I call them. The manager answers and I ask about the bed. He says they have it down to be delivered today between 3 & 7 and the driver still has to go to the other store and get it. I told him my husband called yesterday and talked to who he believed was the manager and they promised it by 12pm. He said he was the manager but would find out who talked with my husband and call me back. He never called me back so my husband called to straighten it out since he was the one that called yesterday.

The manager told him he was sorry that he should have talked directly to him yesterday but the lady my husband talked to relayed the message and she got it mixed up. Said the deliverly guy would leave the store to go pick up the items at lunchtime and it would be at our house by 3. He apologized for the confusion and said he would credit next month's bill for $25.

Right after my husband left to go back to work after getting it settled a lady from Aaron's calls and says the manager said for us to go ahead and do whatever we needed to get done and call when we are ready for it to be delivered. My husband had already set it up that they would deliver it by 3 so I called him and got him to call them back. When he called the lady said the manager was loading a truck and would call him back. Never called back so 3 came no bed or call back so husband tries to call again. This time the manager was on the other line and would call him back. He waited until almost 5 and my husband called back again. She put him on hold and came back and said he was on the other line and asked if he could call him back and finally my husband told her no that this needed to be worked out now. They are suppose to deliever the bed by 6 now. We will see if it really happens or not. I have been sitting at my house waiting for the last 2 days not able to leave because they are suppose to deliver it. I am so unhappy with Aaron's and will never use them and will tell everyone we know to stay away!! This was our first and last time shopping with Aaron's. It has been a horrible experience!!!!!

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