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Ive been dealing with aarons in wichita falls tx on southwest pkwy for 4 years.I first baught and paid off a computer and computer desk with no issues.then,14 months ago,i started paying on a 60" flatscreen tv.Everything was fine for the first year until i payed a little more than the tv was worth and the last few months have been terrible.i get paid bi weekly and my payment is due on the 15th of each month.if my check comes a few days before or after my due date then thats when i pay it and until recently its never been an issue.i always call and let them know when ill be in.last month i was 3 days late and there was a truck at my house to pick up my merchandise.this month i got paid on the 16th and was planning on dropping my payment off after work.that morning i get a call from the manager telling me that this was unacceptable and my payments better be in on the 15th or before or they will pick my tv i made a few calls and looked over my paperwork and your lease expires on the due date meaning that they wont fix any problems with your property until a payment is made but they cant actually take it from you until you are more than 15 days past due.they may come to your house and ask for it before that date but you dont have to give it to them and they cant forcefully take it from you.ive heard people say that aarons employees have tried to force their way into their home and repo items.they can take it with the assistance of a police officer after your 15th day of non payment and you lose all the money you have paid up to that point but if there isnt an officer with them and they force into your home you can protect your home as if they were a common,for the next 8 months,ill pay on the 29th of the month and hope they try to force their way into my home.they wont leave in the same condition they arrived in.Im not *** enough to pay 14 months on something and lose it with 7 and a half payments left.the new manager of this location is just exited about getting promoted up to 9 dollars an hour and being in a position that makes him feel powerful.but after this account is paid off,i wont be doing buisness with this aarons location.

Product or Service Mentioned: Aarons Manager.

Monetary Loss: $1400.

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My son in law found a coupon for a discount on an old Xbox. He showed it to them on his phone and gave them his promo code.

They told him they couldn't honor it because it had to be printed out. In other words, come back later, waste your time and gas for this old Xbox. Then they told him they would have to deliver it and install it. In today's tech world, they think people can't install an old Xbox?

My grandmother knew how to use the Xbox to watch movies and hooked it up to the internet. This isn't rocket science.

This made all of us very suspicious as to why they insisted on coming inside the house. With all the break-ins in town, you'd think they wouldn't put themselves in a position to look so suspicious.

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