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what a hoax. i rented a computer from aarons.

right after i got it the memory board went out.had to waite 3 weeks to get a different one while i am waiteing for it i was still paying my payment.recieved a new tower instead. i was without a computer for a total of 3 months .i ran into a financial prob and only had 2 payments left then i would own it.needless to say they came and got my computer inwhich it should have been paid off.i was with out it for the 3 mths but still paying for it.the 3 months should have been taken off for lost time waiteing.there *** artist

Monetary Loss: $1.

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My bed collasped with 2 weeks due to faulty assembly. They came out the next week to what parts needed to be ordered.

It has been 3 months and no parts have yet to come. I've called them and they said the part that came in was warped.

I'm still paying for a bed that cannot be used due to their mistakes. Now how fair is that?


you people are hilarious I was thinking of renting from Aarons and decided to do a resonible internet search on thier company for complaints . well I seen like 40,000 .

and you guy's sit here telling this guy he's *** and don't have any gut's wow , ridiculous .

not everyone in this world is as savvy as a *** artist who knows all the in's and out's of the world. instead of insulting them try some compassion


You sir, are an ***.


Yet another example of the de-nutting of the American people.

You take the whole tower back in. You say XXX is broke. You will not pay a red cent untill it is done. you offer to shift the payments back untill you have a working PC. Should they refuse you leave it there and stop any and all payment.

Now was that so *** hard?

Grow a pair.

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