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I have purchased several items in florida with no problems. I have bought a tv hre in summerville sc.

and have been really harrased every month when im late.i am now short $10 after payin a little extra evry month. and these guys have called me non stop and harrased all my references too.

my payment isnt even due til tomorrow and this man is showing up @9pm knocking and asking if i have $20 or someone i can borrow 20 from!

give me a break are you really needing it so bad! if you want to be harrased goto aarons its all there and you pay $2400.00 for a $600.00 tv.

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Cam in SC there is a 5 day grace period. I worked at Aaron's in Myrtle Beach and new accounts always received a reminder call about the payment and dates but we were curtious. Most Aaron's stores are franchises which generally doesn't care about the brand they are destroying.


Aarons is a horrible store to go to and the employees start out friendly but that changes if you do one thing to *** them off. I was given the choice to pay on the 1st or the 15th of every month and two months into paying them ONE TIME or EARLY, I got a call on the second saying my payment was late.

I told them to look and see that I was signed up to pay the 15th. They were rude about the "late" payment but after they saw it was the 15th that the $$ was due I got no apologies or anything. After reading all the complaints I'm going to see if they will just take my merchandise back, I'll count my loses and save up to pay in full for what I want. Cam, you will burn in *** for being mean to someone you know nothing about.

Don't judge til you've walked a mile in their shoes. *** you.


try these guys

Lawsuit Filed Against Aaron’s, Inc. Regarding Alleged Improper Practices

Lawsuit claims that Aaron’s, Inc. repeatedly breaches rent-to-own contracts, violates state usury laws, and engages in unfair business practices.

Atlanta, Georgia (PRWEB) November 11, 2011

Atlanta law firm Webb, Klase & Lemond, LLC has filed a class action lawsuit against Aaron’s, Inc., one of America’s leading rent-to-own companies with over 1,900 total stores. Aaron’s leases furniture, appliances, and electronics to consumers usually with the promise that, after a certain number of payments have been successfully completed, the consumer will own the items.

The new lawsuit alleges that Aaron’s has breached its lease agreements by refusing to provide pay-off information to consumers and through other improper practices. The suit further asserts that the company has used unfair business practices, false advertising, and misrepresentations to induce customers to enter lease agreements that are not as favorable for the consumer as represented. The claims also include unjust enrichment. The case, styled Clark v. Aaron’s, Inc., is pending in the Superior Court of Fulton County Georgia and has been assigned Case Number 2011-CV-207622.

According to the suit, Aaron’s rent-to-own business model is in reality the extension of credit through consumer loans disguised as leases for the purchase of goods. The suit alleges that the difference between the market value of the goods and the total amount of payments made by a consumer constitutes interest. State usury laws, such as the civil and criminal usury statutes in Georgia, impose a cap on the amount of interest that may be charged by a lender. The suit alleges that Aaron’s repeatedly violates these laws.

Further, the suit alleges that Aaron’s deceptively markets its well-known offer of “120-days same as cash.” According to the complaint, this offer purports to allow consumers to buy their furniture, appliances, or electronics from Aaron’s for their market value so long as the consumer pays in full within four months. The deception, as alleged in the suit, is that Aaron’s regularly and proactively attempts to prevent consumers from taking advantage of the 120-day offer by failing to provide them with their outstanding balance or pay-off amount in a timely and appropriate manner.

If you wish to discuss this action or have any questions concerning this press release, please contact John Lyon, Esq. by e-mail or by calling (770) 444-9325.


woww well let's try this one i have a 62 inc tv that i have had for two year's now and it went out on me over a month ago and they picked it up supposed of fixed it and brought it back and it still didn't work so the guy's left with it again and i still have not gotten my tv back yet and i only owe 40.00 dollars on it and they will not let me pay it off until i get it back..what the ***, bc i have one of there tv's until mine comes back...they told me i could pay it off and the money would be like floating in the air until my tv makes it back to me... SORRY I DON'T THINK SO...MONEY DOES NOT FLOAT IN THE AIR ARE FALL OUT OF TREE'S. IM DONE WITH AARONS


You are probley a horrible payer and they have the right to come to your door there are no grace times and when you dont pay on your due date you are stealing from the company if you had good credit you could go buy that 600 tv instead of havin to lease it so shut the *** up low life

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