im a renter from aarons and im have a problem with my television set and i called the manager of the store and he said that he would send someone out and then i called them again and i was told that he wasnt in that he he would get the message to call me back. the store manager never called me back , so i sent them a email message and i complained about how when your late with a payment they call you and call you i guess that is how it is with the service. After that i got another call from some who said that they are above the manager of the store and told me that there will be someone at my house on 1/2/12 at 12:00pm well nothing. thank you not a happy customer

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You must work for AARONS. If you do not like what author have written stop reading it! No one is putting a gun to your head to make you read the post.


It's "where" not "were" you dumb@ss.


It's "where" not "were" you dumb@ss.


It's hard to take you seriously when you have the grammar of a first grader. You should go back to first grade and learn something.

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