Should be Aarons slogan, $400 a month I pay them, always on time.57" television broke after only 4 months, that was 3 days ago after 4-5 calls still no idea on when they will have it fixed or replaced.

When I called the manager he said don't worry about it, it's under warranty it will get fixed. STILL no idea when.

I do know that when they hold out there chubby assed little hands for the money, I'm gonna tell them "don't worry about it" you'll get paid when you get paid.Um like maybe after you fix the *** television.

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my xbox broke so i went to arrons to rent one so i asked the sale rep how much for a month, thinking maybe 5 months at 49 dollars. the sales rep said 49 dollars for 12 months i look at and said "are you serious?" he was like "yes sir"

i just just laughed and walk out the store.


We leased a 3 piece couch set.The wood frame was broken and their was a razor slice down the side from them removing plastic when I called and said something they responded "prove it" Nothing got fixed So I went in and was ignored by them for 25 minutes with my daugter.

Then a guy says "I'll have the manager call you" Turns out he was the manager. They are just white trash people running this place.

They hire these people because they are good at lying.They suck big time.

Linden, Indiana, United States #80086

If it's the same thing that happened to me, they will come and take the TV to get it repaired and then leave you with a "loaner" Tv - a 32 inch piece of sheeit - and will have to send the TV off somewhere and it will be gone for repairs for at least a month. That happened to me twice on the same TV.

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