Phoenix, Arizona

i have purchased from them for 4 long years i brought couple of things when i paid off my tv on july 1st 2009 i paid 150 that was one month and a half payment left so i told them i need a washer and dryer but i told them i ouldnt because i paid off the tv that month they said no u can have the washer dryer and pay the first payment on august first so then i said ok there was a verbal agrrement so no plm then thety delievered it the next daay then they called on the 18th on july asking for a payment i was so pissed of they played me and i read the contract didnt mention a payment that was due so they threaten me about the payemnt and then they said thatand i called the cooprate office like i explained about them pulling a fast one on me so im deaf and i been played and they sid no payment until the begining of august and so tey threathen to report stolen and calling the police and i rfused to pay because it wasnt the plan that shuld be planned and so they said they will pick it up they havent i dont know what do do because thety are playing games and i dont feel coforbale purchasing anything from them i know its a rip off and they asjk mor money for all the items u buy but that is ovr i do not want no busniess with thwm anyore and i am warning everyone that they will do it again to someone else they trick u and being played and demanding a payment which isnt due then thanks for your time Lisa

Monetary Loss: $1866.

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:cry :( :( :( :? :sigh :( :cry :sigh :(


:( My husband and I bought a riding mower from them in Pelzer south carolina, at the time all they had were used ones, so we went ahead and purchased it at the new price only because they said new ones would be come in a few months and we could exchange it for a new one and nothing would change. Our payments would stay tne same.n Well that Aarons closed so they sent our acct to another store, and now they want honor our aggreement. So were stuck paying a new price for a used mower.

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