Mineral Wells, Texas

The whole company is rip off. From the moment you speak to a floor employee to the top of the chain of president, if you don't get re-routed to the same business ripping you off.

After a whole year and a half of paying off my living room it got down to 600 dollars and they started up with all sorts of fees they couldn't even explain. I constantly got harassed, cut down to the chase I ended up losing my furniture and trying to dispute my situation with district managers and their managers ended up to be a run around.

Beware of Aarons, I advise anyone thinking of purchasing an item from that store to leave and don't look back. I wish someone told me before I lost out of money I could of spent on my family and showed something for it.

Monetary Loss: $1500.

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I've purchased a refrigerator, front loading washer and dryer, 55" LG TV, 65" Samsung TV, and 50" LG TV with a TV console, and three IPads. Never have had one problem, but of course I very always paid my bills.


There a scam.. for sure..

I was looking around for a bedroom set and i found one at Aarons but when i seen the price i thought id look around first..

So i went to ashley's furniture because thats where the bed i liked from there was.. Found the SAME ONE for half the price, i get it they have to make some money but come on they take advantage of us i guess thats what kind of people are in this economy now days money hungry dont care how it effects anyone but there self..


You signed an agreement which states you'd agreed paying for 18 months. If you didn't want to pay 18 months, you got the 120 same day as cash option as well.


I have read bad reviews but still i went ahead and did business with them, rude people, ripoff, returning all merchandise and never ever again..period


I wish someone would have warned me. I bought a refrigerator from Aaron's 2 years ago.

First off they lied to me. They said they report good credit every 3 months. Every time I'd go in and ask about it they would say someone would call me back. No one ever called back.

Then when my fridge was about 18 months old and almost paid for it quit working. They came and got it and left me a small replacement fridge. They kept the fridge and I called every month for my fridge and every month they would say some one will call me back but no one ever did. Finally came time for my last payment an I still had not gotten my fridge back.

Thy said I had to make my payment but they couldn't mark my account paid until I got my fridge back. 2 days after I paid off my fridge they called my job and told them to have me call them because I was behind on my payments. I had never been behind and I had just paid it off. I finally called corp offices after fighting with them they finally brought me my fridge.

3 months later it quit working again and they refuse to fix it.

They said they would take it to the repair shop for me but I would have to pay to get it fixed. I agreed but the day they were suppose to come get it they never showed and I waited all day!!!


I completely understand. we bought a tv from them and was great at having payment on time.

then i get laid off and they start with the harassing phone calls. so we set up an appointment to come get the merchandise and they show up 2 1/2 hours late. well we couldnt wait around because we had something to do. They call me (not the person whose name is on the account and was the one who made that appointment) and tell me he isn't putting up with this *** and hes filing charges against both of us first thing in the morning.

I asked if there was something we could do to avoid that as far as calling or even bringing the merchandise in first thing in the morning and he said no hes going straight to the court house! First of all hows is it hes going to act this way when he showed up late second of all im the co-signer i didnt even know about this appointment so why am I getting charges on me I'm not even in the area??? and its not like we are trying to steal their stuff we have been completely honest with them from day one and have done everything we could for them and this is how they treat us??

DONT GO TO AARONS (norcross GA)!!!! (unless you want charges filed against you for no freakin reason)


i have been doing bussiness with aarons every since i was 18. they have been nothing but good to me and my husband.

about 2 years ago my husband got hurt and was off work for some time and we had to let everything we had form them go back but 2 months later when we got back on our feet we picked up right where we left off with everything. no credit is out standing thanks to arrons and i am going tomorrow to get my husband a tv from them for fathers day everyone has their own experince with different company's dont base your off of someone else!

i would like to say thanks to Aarons for being there and allowing me to furnish my home with beautiful and wonderful things at a slow pace! you guys are great columbus, ms and tuscaloosa, al stores!!!




If people pay on time and stop trying to still aarons merchandise there would be no problem. That's why aarons know that their best customers are the poor and uneducated


Are they trying to still or steal ***?


Yea but you can't spell steal


@Yolanda - I apologize you feel this way towards your local Aaron's stores. Please contact me at 678-402-3403 or by email at Jessica.Rudnick@aarons.com to further resolve your complaint.

We value your feedback, and I look forward to speaking with you soon. Thanks - Jessica




Arrons Rent to Own Hammond, Louisiana is a dishonest, and horrible store filled with liars, scammers, and *** for employees. The manager Chris Sweenie, (white guy) and a "collection" man Eferm Brown (if it's even his real name...

black guy in his mid 30's short and nearly bald) cheats customers. They "rewrite" mechandise if you are behind a month, and put in on a two week/bi monthly payment and rip off customers trying to keep their furniture, etc, for even more money. ALL THEIR ITEMS, FURNITURE, ETC is budget furnniture, items, etc but to hear them tell it it's top of the line merchandise.

I can not beleive this type of store is allowed to legetimately operate. Pissed in Louisiana, Samatha


YOu are all correct...they do ripoff people..just like having loan sharks after you....


I have had an account with Aarons in Ontario for not to long now, but I have made my payments and if I am unable to make the payment I go into the store or I call the store and make an arrangement with them. The last time I made an arrangement was on October, 5, 2010. I went in and spoke with the District Manager and informed him of my situation and then I spoke with the regional manager whom actually set my account up and told him of my situation and he said no problem. 4 days later I got a call from the Accounts manager in training telling me I had to come in and make a payment. I stated "No I have spoken with the DM and the RM and told them I would be in on the 20th and pay my account in full." He said oh ok if you have made that agreement, and I thought it was left at that. But to my surprise I got a knock at my door last night (October, 13, 2010) at approx. 6pm it was the Accounts manager in training demainding that he was coming in and taking my appliances. I said no I spoke with you (which he denied) but I have record of everytime I talk to these retarted people, and I said yes and for him to leave and I shut the door. He knocked again and I told him to leave once more and that I had nothing to say to him and I shut and locked my door. He went back to his truck and waited for the neighbourhood kids to knock on the door and again attempted to gain entry to my home which this time my husband answered the door and told them to leave. They would not leave so my husband was in his face forcing the Account manager to walk backwards so that he was off the property and he told the kid you better leave as I am calling the police.

During the course of all this I received 5 calls from the RM and the DM telling me that they were going to charge me for theft, uttering threats and assault. I told them to do what they had to do and hung up the phone. They so badly wanted to charge my husband for threats and assault but the police would not charge him.

I really don't know who and what they think they are but they can not just show up at your home and expect that they are going to walk through your front door and take what they want. It is no legal. The police here can not just show up and expect that they are going to walk through the door unless there is a warrant. So beware that these people think that they can do almost anything that they want and will try and bully you around. But unfortunately for them in Ontario there are many laws that these people have just broken and if I was a total and udder B$%Ch I would have them charged and sue them but I really do not have the time or patience to do so yet.

Remember if you are unsure of the way they are treating you or the things that they are doing, do a little research and back yourself up with some law then you will be safe. If they want their stuff back they will proceed with doing things in a legal manner and not illegally.


It isnt Aarons rent to own first of all. they do a five point quality assurance test to all merch that goes into their stores to make sure there are no bugs..your an ***.

and of course they want your money you are buying their merch. if you were selling something you would want you money as well wouldent you!




doing same - they cant do anything them must take it back regardless!!! and only thing is u will not get ur money back for the first payment.


i rent from Aaron and everything gone to the credit burner also i was behide and they never took anything from me, they did work with me , so that isnt true

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