Fargo, North Dakota

Went in just to browse what they had and as soon as you walk in they're all over you like flies trying to sell you their product and make it sound like such a good deal. My boyfriend decided he wanted to get a TV from there and he wasn't on my lease yet so I was the primary listed on the documents and he was secondary so that when they contacted the apartment there wouldn't be an issue with him not on the lease.

Needless to say they also needed references to verify information and whatnot. I listed some family and friends and all were called the first day we were in there. I don't know if they don't communicate to eachother what has been done already or not, but they continued to keep calling the references, different employees, and etc. Some of my references said they had 22 missed calls in the matter of less than an hour.

I personally called to address the issue and also tell them to cancel our order and that we would not be doing business with them AND they are still calling!! Called yet again and said if it continues after me having to call again I will personally come in and shred the documents for them!

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Dear Anonymous,

Thank you for your post. I sincerely apologize you and your references received continuous phone calls from the Fargo store and the negative experience and inconvenience this has caused. I'd be happy to further assist you and look into this matter.

At your earliest convenience, please send me an email or contact me at 678-402-3403 with the best contact / email to reach you and any additional details you'd like to share.




They continue to call references even after the references have ok'd the ppl leasing. Just a complete joke.

Also, very direspectful when you try to call in and straighten out issues. So glad we did not go through leasing with them and NEVER will EVER.

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