Independence, Missouri
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I have been a customer of Aaron's for about 7 yrs. now offf and on. I delt with the store on Noland Rd. The old manager Dave had been there for years and was great. He would do anything to help you or make sure your were happy with your purchase. They moved him to another store. After he left the store started going down hill and is still going down. I have one account that is almost paid and then I am done with them. They change people more than underwear and they people there since Dave left don't care a thing about the customer. JUST THE MONEY. The people have changed a dozen times and the manager 5-6 times or more. They have no time to help you and act like they are doing you a favor taking your money each month. I saw Dave shopping at Christmas time this year and he said he was sorry for all the problems we have had and stated that he had tried to get back to that store but the boss would not move him from the store he was in. I am sorry to see a good company like Aaron's go down hill to the level of the rest of the rental stores but they are going quick. They will not ever get anymore of my money unless Dave comes back someday. I have heard alot of customers ask for Dave when in the store. He must have been doing something for the customer to all ask for him... Guess customer service at Aaron's doesn't matter anymore.What a shame.


Independence, Mo.

Soon to be X customer

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I too have been a loyal customer of Aarons. I have dealt with the KC Troost store off and on for many years.

My last rental transaction was a side by side refrigerator. I received a discount because it was had a scratch on the side. After about 2 weeks, the filter was leaking water. Aarons sent a technician out to service it.

He replaced the filter ($50.00) part. Then the icemaker went out ($300.00 part). Aarons again sent repairman to replace it. About a month later the fan went out ($150.00 part).

Aarons again sent someone to repair it. The new part was installed in about a month. I was very pleased with the service. I basically got a new refrigerator after all was said and done.

Aarons paid for all repairs and service calls.

My only disappointment with this store is the high rate of employee turnover. :)

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