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Update by user May 20, 2017

The manager of the Ocala Florida store on Maricamp Rd is a total *** who will lie to you and then basically call you a lier. He has very poor customer service and lost a great customer who was an Aarons customer for years spent thousands of dollars at Aarons over the years to be treated this way.

I was harassed by his employees even after telling the manager named John that I wanted them to come get the stuff he then says he cannot get the stuff till Saturday this was on Tuesday afternoon to be called again by an employee on Thursday demanding payment by Monday what part of I do not want to do business with you does he not understand. I went to Buddy's rent a center they were really friendly and great customer service.

They treated me like royalty. Stay away from this store.

Original review posted by user May 19, 2017

Well on 5/12/2017 we called the store to tell John my wife had a stroke and our payment due on 5/14/2017 we was not able to make it but would be by 5/24/2017. Was told to call back on Monday 5/15/2017.

We called John back again telling him that we would want to return the lawmower and would be in by 5/24/2017 to make a payment. He agreed and said call back monday afternoon about picking up the lawnmower. Well then on the next day Tuesday 5/16/2017 an employee calls from the store wanting payment. I told him i made arrangements with John the manager yesterday and did not appreciate being harassed as a deal is a deal.

After my wifes rehab as she had a stroke I was even madder about the harassment call so we went to Buddys rent a center. We explained i was a long time loyal customer of Aarons and what the manager John did. As we had called back on Monday afternoon to be told they pick the lawnmower up on Saturday. Well Buddys let us pick our what we wanted which was five items and put them on hold with no money down till the 24th when we was expecting the money talk about great customer service which Aarons is lacking big time.

Well guess what oir money came in on Weds it would have only been two days late. Then we call John back on Tuesday after Buddys saying come get everything on Sat we are not doing business with Aarons as we had a deal that we be in by the 24th. To be told by John that we never mentioned the 24th which was basically calling us liers as my wife did tell him the 24th as i was sitting next to her in the car driving home on Monday morning and she did for sure tell him by the 24th. Talk about very poor customer service.

Then on Thursday 5/18/2017 get another call from Aarons store harassing me saying i got till Monday to make the payment what part of come get your *** on Tuesday did John not get is he that ***.

Again harassment you have lost a very long loyal customer due to this stores actions. Did not need the added stress as i was man enough to tell them to be jerked around like this stay away they have very poor customer service.

Product or Service Mentioned: Aarons Manager.

Reason of review: Problems with payment.

Aarons Pros: Liked manager we had before we moved, Liked the manager we had before we moved.

Aarons Cons: Manager we have since we moved and changed stores.

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