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I got a washer and dryer from them, the girl on the phone told me I had too pay 35.00 and I would be good till the 15 of March. She call me back to go over stuff and says would you like too get the insurance on it too.

I asked how much and she says it’s just 10 Dollars and is included in the price. So I paid 45 too them and was told I was all set till 15 of March. The set I got was not up too par for me. So called back and they order me a new set.

It came in fast very nice deliver guys, I’m a manager for a store and I’m all most 40 years old. So I get the new washer and dryer and then all set. Last week the 4 I lost and close friend/coworker. He was taken with out notice.

I called the store Wednesday to talk to someone about the insurance and too see if I could the next Friday because I had been out of work for 3 days because of my fiends death. The guy was rude very rude and says my manager with be back Thursday. So I called today because I had another friend pass away yesterday. I called today on Friday too talk too the store manager.

I explain to the store manager what I was told the first day I called and the girl on the phone explain stuff to me tell me that was only $10 for insurance and he tells me it’s actually $20 so I am asking if I can pay my payment next week on a Friday and I’ll pay the late charges but because of me being out of work I just didn’t have enough money in my check this week for it he tells me that I didn’t pay the full amount from last time you know the girl told me that I was all set and I was paid up until the 15th so basically he lied to me and was very rude to me so you’re not gonna coming to get it because I don’t care if they lose customers Arthur lie to you or like he says I didn’t hear the conversation I wasn’t there for her so well you better get your employees situated not the way to customers.

It’s not right like the customers who pay their paychecks and bad business is bad business so I just called their corporate office and told him what happened and I’m gonna get somebody call me back within 24 to 48 hours but I was already threatened from Aaron store manager telling me that I signed the agreement which I never signed for the new washer and dryer I received never signed the paperwork at all the believe the first one I did but not the second one and said that they’ll just come into my house and I’ll take it and I said well I’m not gonna be home I’ll be working I’m not gonna be here I said so you can come on Monday and pick up your stuff so I may want to say I have to wait now and by then you’ll be coming try to come into my house which that’s very bad business I don’t know why Aaron Street customers like this when you know you’re supposed be to help us terrible business and rude people that lie. Goo back too Rent a center even though they are higher in price and I will be taking pictures of the product so I’m sure that there is no damage to them when they leave my home so they can’t try take me to court because that’s how rude this person was to me

Product or Service Mentioned: Aarons Manager.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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Hi,Thank you for sharing your feedback about your experience with your local store and we are very sorry to hear about that negative experience. Please email us at myexperience@aarons.com to let us know if your issue has been resolved by upper management. -Tavius


Your district manager called me left a message, I called back and never got a call. This Aaron’s is rude, disrespectful

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