Columbus, Georgia
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continue giving me the run around-yet i made my first payment before time-had already sold me a used computer-which was to be a brand new one-that acted up-eventually internet problems and all.....the lender i was given would not come on at all among other problems-have been calling back to back to back-called a florida main branch-supposedly and i was told-whereever the problem was i needed to solve it with that store-that's cool-i have all my proof i need-i'll get some help-even if i have to take them to court-i may look dumb-but-my looks will fool ya-i have plenty of smarts.

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Aarons pc are no good.Rented one to own First one lasted for 30 days they replaced it with another one It lasted 7 Months hard drive trouble.They reinstalled.everything to factory spects.1 month later I paid it off. it went again.they told me to buy a Recovery Disk.I did $16.01.It would not install.Went back to aarens and they said I was on my own.The hard drive was no good had to replace it $ 140...also called main office and they told me that the area rep yould call me in 24 hrs.Well 3 days and still no call


wow i was going to get something from them but forget that they got mad drama


if you would like to get togather and start a lawsuite agiasnt arrons just comment on my complaint arrons riped me off im looking for otheres to join me in fighting them


Stop using dashes "-" and use periods ".", ***. That's probably why they aren't helping you. Because you write like a 3rd grader.

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