Fontana, California

Rented a TV from Aaron's in Fontana CA!Everything is fine with TV!I'm self employees and made close to $60kLast year!Ok,I Made 1st Payment Ok; On Time!

Second Payment I was late Due to unexpected Unpaid medical fee's (prescription medication)for my Sick child!I spoke to a representative (management)Told him the situationand we agreed I'd be late about 2 weeks but I would pay the late fee!

Due to my child's illness I was forced to purchase more medication& Unfortunately I was also going Be late the 3rd Payment about 1.5 weeks!

When I called in to speak to someone again To request a postponed payment date becauseI was again buying A lot of Medication &Was in and Out of the Hospital!it was Somewhat Granted!(Told me to bring in a post dated check)I was unable to bring that check in because I was in the Hospital & was unable to come intoStore!I requested them to use my debt card already On file!

The very next day I'm receiving calls from Aaron's employees!Asking me,"Why Can't you Pay Your Bill?""This account is to New for you to be missing payments!""Get a Credit Card RIGHT NOW because we need a payment!""We might as well Repossess the Television!""Your still going to owe us 6 months worth of payments anyway""Seems like you need to get your stuff together!""We need YOU to make a Payment No Later Than Tomorrow"

Not at any Point did these Incompetent Ignorant Staff MembersSay anything regarding my Child Illness and My Unforeseen & Unfortunate Situation!

The Following Day another Call!(Keep in mind I'm still in the Hospital)This time asking the same type of rude unethical questions!Just speaking more Louder as if to intimate me!Seems to me there reading directly from a script!

So I stopped the Staff Member in Mid-Sentence& Told Him"Sir, If You Can't Wait a Week for My PaymentPlus Me Paying the Late Fee as I Agreed to Do Come Pick up the TV Tomorrow at Noon (12pm)!"

I Cannot Endorse any Company Who's BusinessEthics are Pushy/Rude/Treating/ And Unethical!

It is now 1pm and Still Aaron's is not Here!

I do understand if I would of Made Payment on time There would of been no rude unethical behavior!But Unexpected things happen all the time!To all of Us!

Lets see the comments come from the Aaron's Staff Members defending them self'sBelow!

I would not recommend Aaron's to Anyone!

Monetary Loss: $1000.

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I hope your child is feeling better... A sick child is never easy.

Thank you for bringing this to our attention in reference to your local Aaron's store. If you need further assistance to further resolve please email with the primary name on your lease agreement, the best contact phone number to reach you and your local Aaron's store.

I will be more than happy to research this accordingly. Thanks - Jessica


well let me tell u the guys here in spfld mass from aarons who take the stuff u rent to ur well they talk about the customer that they take the stuff to. the delivery guy start talking about how ugly and how nasty is there home and how they take there carry there stuff and dont give them a tip also one of the workers they steal and sometimes they say the person never turn anything in and they will sale it.

so ppl be carefull they are gold diggers. :grin


Renting furniture and appliances is not a smart financial move. You end up paying more for them than if you bought them.

Take the tv back and get a few good books until you can buy a tv. Hope you're feeling better, use this as a learning experience.


When you owe somebody money, illness is no excuse. The people want their money. It sounds like you were only on time for the first payment, what do you expect?

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