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I regret the day I ever purchased any thing from your store in Oxford NC. The manager is rude and has a very nasty attitude towards you when you are complaining about the merchandise.

The unprofessional person name is Trish I purchased a new set of mattress for my bed I told them many months ago about the box spring was no good and in order for me to sleep in my bed I have wood blocks holding it up however I am still paying for the set. Before now I tried to get them to take it back and they wouldn't do so so I started making payments when I felt like it I told them not to go to my parents house or call because that was not my place of residence they completely ignored my request my father has been paying on the bill because until they can give me an ajustment on the over price merchandise that is no good at all I shouldn't make anymore payments until this matter is resolved. I have had nothing but problems with the unprofessional services at this store since day one when I purchased the merchandise I made the arrangements to pay on the 15 the of each month they switched up my dates like I am stupid saying that it was due on another date. I ask you if u receive disability payment for the 3 Rd of theonth then why would you agree to pay on the first of the month that makes no sense.

I am going to take pictures of the merchandise and report it to Amanda and let the public see what kind of unprofessional services that your store provides. I talked with again Trish and we had exchanged words on the phone I do not appreciate her attitude nor the tone she took with me I asked her when we're they going to give me a discount on the merchandise and she said well it's hard to give one when u don't know where the address is and I replied it wasn't hard when u been getting on the merchandise and she said well your dad has been paying it that's money of her business who pay the bill as long as she is not the one I am going to report her unprofessional services something has to be done about her and her attitude a lot of your customers talk about her nasty attitude towards them as well so she also says to me well if I can't come to the address where the merchandise is located we won't do anything so I told her well see if you get anymore damn money I only owe two more payments and I swear I will never purchase anything else.

However again you need to fire her as a manager for her unprofessional services towards the general public ASAP I do hope that you take care of this matter pronto. I should have known that the day I purchased the merchandise from this store and I waited for delivery that they did not provide I had to pay someone to take me to go get the merchandise from the store myself I was in for a ride with these people.

Product or Service Mentioned: Aarons Furniture Rental.

Reason of review: Problems with payment.

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Hello,Thank you for bringing this to our attention. We would like the opportunity to see if we can assist in this matter.

Please email us at with the name on the account, best contact number and your email address.

Thank you. -Tavius

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