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I been with them almost a year. I've argued with the manager who hasc told me i have no right to ask where my money went when they tried to say i didn't pay but had proof i did and was forced to pay twice in thesame month or i was threatened to be taken to court.

They call your phone with crazy attitude talking crazy even cussing extremely unprofessional.

Something needs to be done. My payments should have been done and they tell me i still have 8 payments they are stealing money.

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Hi, We appreciate you bringing this to our attention. We are sorry to hear about your negative experience.

We would like the opportunity to see if we can help in this matter. Can you send an email to that includes the primary name on your lease, the local store that you work with, your email address and your best contact number? We would like to have someone reach out to you from our Divisional Management Team.

Please include in your email where you left your review and the reference number. Thanks, Tavius

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