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The bedroom set came with deffects. It came with the bedroom frame damaged didnt allow the mattress to sit evenly in it.

I then started to itch all over my body i have scars scabs and bumps that sumthing was attacking me not knowing that it was BED BUGS. I had them pick up the mattress to lower the payments because they were charging almost a thousand dollars not realizing that it came from the mattress. Then i bought a mattress straight out cash only because i specifically told Jose, Jackie, Glenda and Lizette how important it is to get back the same exact mattress thats thin all white and that sits in very low like a platform bed suppose to be instead Jose and Glenda mislead me and kept insisting arguementally that what i purchase was the same bed wen its false all around. Its a mattress thats thick like the old originally kind and its black and white and sits over on top of the bed frame which "IT DEFEATS THE PURPOSE FROM IT REALLY BEING A PLATFORM BED".

Ive been finding myself calling and waiting for so, many months for replacement on the bed frame and asking for them to give me the "PLATFORM MATTRESS" along with other repairs needed on the "DRESSER DRAWERS" that continues to fall apart. Ive reached out to them on any and everything that came damaged and other issues with the "BEDROOM SET"!!! Now on Monday 6/26/17 the delivery guy gets to my house and as he unscrew the one side metal plate that holds the one end of the bed frame as he unscrewed it he said, "OH, MY GOD YOU HAVE BED BUGS!!!" I said, i knew sumthing was going on with the itching. He then calls Jose and tells him about it Jose then calls me and says they cant do nothing for me so, We started to argue bcuz I said this bedroom set has caused issues by Jose making me wait for so many months to get the bed frame replaced to fix the drawers that keeps breaking down on me.

by drawers not wanting to open nails are sticking out of it, bed frame bulging, bulky mattress doesnt sit in the bed frame, it makes dentation noise u could hear the wood as I sit on the bed and my legs touches the bed frame and wen I walk by it and my legs touch it you could see the outside of the bed frame messed up. Jose us very rude and unprofessional ive been going through changes with this bedroom set since I first got it.

Now, sumthings got give Im paying all this money which they over charged me for then the end result to be "NEGLECTING THE RIGHT TO RECTIFY THESE ISSUES THAT HAS BEEN PROLONGING AND DELAYED POSTPONED FOR AT THE VERY END REPLACING AND REPAIRING HAS BEEN DENIED. Now if nothings done I will persue further action!!!

Product or Service Mentioned: Bed.

Reason of review: Return, Exchange or Cancellation Policy.

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