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ok well cris and kim from your bartlesville store were rude and hatefull they banged on my front door so hard that it opened my door and caused my mother in law stressed and she has very poor health and they didnt give us time to clean up the stove and then that left us with no way to eat or anything we were told we had one payment left and we were trying to get the money cause my husband and i are on disablility and were having problems with bills and payment so we were out all week trying to make some money to pay it but they just wont stop so i would like to know what you all are going to do about it .

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What do you expect us to do? Look for a cheap stove in classified ads. Aarons will not help, either.


Oh boo hoo hoo. Quit trying to use disability as an excuse for your laziness.

Most people seem to use that as an excuse these days and its sad. Maybe this will teach you not to be so lazy and to pay your bills on time.

They have every right to take it away since you were in breach of contract by not paying your bill. You're obviously lazy, so what are YOU going to do about that?

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