we bought tv from aarons. we paid for 24 months, during that time it went out 3 times.

now thats its paid off, 4 months now the tv went out again. called arrons got no help. we asked for new tv when it went out the 3rd time, they said no. we paid alot of money for it and we need help.

we have bought alot from them and planned to buy more. where are they when you need help.

the tv was to be new when we got it, now we find out it had been rented before. thanks.

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I can relate to your situation. I used to manage an Aaron's store.

First off...if they told you it was new to begin with it should have been! There is no excuse to pass off a pre-leased item as new!

As to your related service issues with the TV. After two months of leasing an item and if that item experiences a cronic service issue, then it should have been exchanged for a item (TV in this case) with the some "book" value.

In other words if you tv was on lease for 10 mnths. when it experienced these issues then the Aarons store should have given you the option of exchanging it for a TV that had previously been leased for around 10 mnths.

Unfortunatly it is Aaron's policy that you have only 60 days from the last payment to get recieve any type of service on the TV. In your case with the TV having issues on 3 occasions previously I would have thought they would have made an exception.

I would contact the stores Regional Manager, or file a complaint at Shopaarons.com. :sigh

to Chris El Paso, Illinois, United States #1350830

Don't lease from Aarons they are greedy and corrupt that's a fact I have dealth with too before and its so true! They're not worth it!

Don't waste your time! Or lease from landlords and managers at Univ ave east studios!

They're nothing but scam artists and crooks! No landlords are good I know or managers or repair men all are scams!

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