Yelm, Washington
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we have a bedroom set and a couch that we are paying on...our payments are almost all paid so we have been putting a lot towards it to pay it of quicker...i went in and paid $400 on our they say that i didn't pay and that they cant do anything about it...well WTF thats a lot of money out the door...and out of our pockets....someone knows where it is...all i have to say about aarons is i've learned my lesson....always just save your money and pay straight out the door!!!!and don't go to aarons!!!!

Monetary Loss: $2500.

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Did you pay with a credit card? if so have it charged back!


have the bank look into it. if you paid cash and didnt get a reciept thats bad bisiness on your part allways get proof of purchase!

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