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I burried my grandma fri Dec 15th & my sister Sat Dec 16th. Prior to their passing on the 6th & 7th of Dec 2017 general manager Paul at the Hot Springs, AR 71901 location, Central Ave.

Today I received a call and I asked to speak to Paul and was told He's no longer employed there. I was asked how much currency I had, I replied $40.00 and thats all until the 9th which is when I'll get caught up. To no avail I was asked if I had any collateral they could hold in good faith. I have dealt with Arron's before and paid off my things.

My records will show that I bring money in and pay extra on my bill to be called by that individual with such indecorus behavior asking for collateral in good faith as if when I said i'd bring in the $40 and catch up on the remainder on Jan 9th only to be disrespected as if I will not is enough to make me blow a fuse, further more an establishment like Aaron's should'nt be known for such practices such as loan sharking thats how I felt that store needs better customer service than I received today 1/2/18 im going to take this 40$ to the store and hope Im not disrespected anymore today by your central ave location in hot springs arkansas. The only reason I came back onboard was because of the letter received stating I was a preferred customer this behavior could have possibly gotten an adverse response had it been a person unhinged and going through a rough time nobody at that store has the right to call a customer and ask for collateral

Product or Service Mentioned: Aarons Customer Care.

Reason of review: Problems with payment.

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Thank you for sharing. We would love to help resolve any issues you may be having.

Can you please send us an email to and include your first and last name, the store info you leased from, your phone number and zip code so we can pull your account up and look more into this issue. We look forward to getting this resolved!

Thank you,



Never buy from AARON' S its too expensive anyway!- their prices are an outrage! All items by them are not for people on a tight budget!

Its only for the rich! And their So called rules are terrible about the requirements they have to get u approved by needing 4 or 5 references first! This is not a job interview or for an apt! That's bad enough!- so its not worth it!

I know by experience!

They need to be shut down!- they're too greedy! I'll never be their customer ever again!

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