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yes i want to put a complaint on the Aarons rent co in Fort Payne Ala they have a very sorry excuse of a manager in that store he don>t care about the costomers at all he is the lowest person as manager i have seen yet they better fire him if they want to keep that store I will tell everyone i know to stay away from that store he don,t care about us as customer he just wants to get paid for running over people please fire him and get someone else who cares about us as people that pay his salary

Monetary Loss: $3600.

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Hmmmm let me guess you have a magic wand to fix credit??? You have money coming out of your A S S so you can pay cash for everything you buy???

Just shut the H E L L up you Aarons A S S kissing ***!!! I'm figuring that RM stands for Real ***!

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