Greenville, South Carolina

first we were told we were getting a used t.v. three yes three t.v.'s later we finally went to the store and demanded it.

We set our payments for the 15th. We get calls starting on the first!!! BUYER BEWARE!!! yOU WILL GET SCREWED by these people.

We are even a month ahead and we get phone calls. They have NO IDEA what they are doing. In addition, my husband is an attorney. If you request a copy of your contract in writing, they MUST send it to you.

Save your money and alot of aggrevation and go somewhere else!!!

the cu-de-gra is that I typed this and they insisted on at least 100 words!!! Go figure a web site called pissed off consumer and they want more!!!

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Well, you have to ssume you will get used furniture, what do you think theydo ith the furniture that they repo when payments arent made? wait I know, they take it all out back and burn all of it....NO, they sell it to you!


It's a lease to own. It is YOUR job to look over the merchandise you intend to buy to make sure it's in good condition. The payment thing, why don't you just look at it as a payment reminder?

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