Coldwater, Michigan
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My sister,Bonnie Collinsworth rented a computer from Aaron's in Elizabethton,tn and she decided to move to Michigan due to her health, anyways, the manager told her that she could sign a waiver to take the computer with her, so she paid 119.00 before her payment was even due, then the day we were helping her move, the manager told her he never said anything about her signing a waiver, and he refused to give her the 119.00 back, he told her she could go to any aaron's in Michigan and her money would be transferred, Well needless to say I took her to Battle Creek,Michigan this morning and the Aaron's there told her that the manager in Tn. should have gave her the 119.00 back.

My Question is........Are you gonna make it right with her?

If so, you can send a check to her at: 402 Hull St. Coldwater,Michigan 49036

Product or Service Mentioned: Aarons Manager.

Monetary Loss: $119.

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I work for Aarons and it is true you can transfer an account from one store to another. However, it is not a simple process. It takes some time and the cooperation of both general managers.


UMMMMM Do you think it was wise to not only post your sister's name and address online where anyone can get it??? Hello you pretty much just gave some *** permission to take advange of your ailing sister.

What did she do to you for you to set her up like that.

I would never talk to my sister again if she not only posted my name but my home address on the internet!!!!!

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