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So it was the first time i was late on my payment to Aarons. The GM called me 10 times in 5 mins while I was in the middle of a meeting at work.

I excused my self and explained that I was at work and asked them to please call my husband because I was busy. The General Manager told me no and that he wanted to talk to me and would continue calling until I answerd and told him when he was getting him the payment. I had to hang up beacuse I was irritated by the way he was talking to me. So he called my husband and was much more innapropriate.

He told my hasband that he needed to man up and anwser his phone when he calls.

After only being a day late and said other profanities under his breathe. Who do i get a hold of to complain when it was the manger being so rude.

Product or Service Mentioned: Aarons Manager.

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Everybody is NOT lieing on this company.


if you can't make consistant payments what makes you think they can trust you. or if you can't pay then don't get accounts you cant afford in your budget.


We rented in the middle of last month and was never told when our payment was due. I got a call this eve and the man asked when he was going to recieve the payment I said within the next few days.

He demanded a direct time. Very rudely

I had just got my check today and I had not yet gotten to aarons to pay.

I told him tomorrow sometime.

My girlfriend and I are thinking of telling them to come and get their table and chairs.


nothing is fishy to me... We are literally 3 days late on our payment and even called them and told them we would pay it on the 3rd day once I cashed my check..

on the morning (10am) Aarons was at my house pounding on my door yelling profanities until my 17 yr open then door told them to shut up that her 7 yr old brother just had a spinal tap (he has leukemia) and was resting he didn't need to hear the words they were saying or be woken up. She told them we weren't there and told them to leave. they waited out side. When she went to go pick up his meds they blocked my 17 yr old in the drive and she had to drive thru the yard to get out..

they then chased her down the street until shelost them.

I bless the Lord she didn't lose control of the car and get hurt!!needless to say we still made the payment that night when we said we would... but due to paydays sometimes weare a couple days late and we always call and always pay when say BUT THEY ALWAYS HARASS usin this way!!!


I have to agree with "something fishy". Your reply doesn't jive with the original story.

Now I agree the person calling didn't need to use profanity, but I swear, you seem to be late making those payments. Even ONE day is still late.


In your letter you said this is the firat time that your payment was late. Then in your reply you said this happened before and they were harassing you.

Your two stories counterdict each other. I have a hard time believing that you were only one day late.


This is not the first time they embarassed me. They did the same last month when I we did not make the payment on time.

Then they did the same about five months ago when I did not make the payments on time. All four times when I made a late payment it was only one day late.


So grow up and make the payment. Simple solution.

I doubt it was only a day late.

He needs to man up. You did not marry a man you married a child.


Wow.... just ignorance or???

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