Buffalo, New York
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They are rude ignorant people that do not give one *** about there customers,they just re-pod my moms fridge and stove because my mom had not payed one payment due to the fact she was waiting on a call back from the manager,because the last time they came to her house, because she was one day late on her payment and was going into the store that day to pay it they where at her house not knowing my 14 year old sister was home, they where banging on all the windows of the house,trying to get in and being mean to her dogs that where outside now mind you when they brought the sheriffs to the house the sheriffs were even telling my mom that they re-pow more then any company around and do not care about there customers.There for i will NEVER go to Arrons ever they are rude *** that do don't give a *** about there customers.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Monetary Loss: $3000.

Aarons Cons: Customer service, Stealing from me.

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This is a very unfortunate situation. We greatly appreciate your business and would like to help get your issues forward to the correct person. Can you please email us details to response@aarons.com and also the primary name on the account, store name and the best number to reach you at.

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