Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

To whom it may concern. My name is Floyd T.

Taylor and I have been a valued customer of Aarons for at least two years. I had just recently rented a 42" flat screen Phillips TV. When I woke up on July 2nd, 2010 I walked in to my living room and the tv and the friend whom had stayed the night was gone.. I called the penn hills office to let the manager know what had happened.

I never got a chance to speak with him However, I did speak to another employee and he stipulated that even with the police report, I am still responsible for payment. I am the victim in the incident. Isa there any way you and I can come to some type of agreement? I do have th ccr#164615 Pleas help me and work with me in this situation.

My phone # is (412) 758-3418 and my e mail is floydtaylor19@yahoo.com. Please contact me.

Product or Service Mentioned: Aarons Manager.

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What can happen to someone that has aarons funiture stolen


Give them a false address, fake paycheck stub, and get a phone from metro pcs for 50 bucks that you can dispose of. Get a nice tv and game console(very liquid, easy to sell) and enjoy your new items. Suck on it Aaron's!


Lol to bad they get your social security number and it goes on your credit


No actually they don't ask for your ss card. So you can literally use a fake name and if you find on the street.

And then use any ss number. I know. I got furniture and paid it off almost Butt my house was literally cleaned out. I made a police report and they had no choice Butt too make a claim which I'm sure they did.

They got paid for the stuff double and then they put it on my credit report. I called a lawyer and I'm now about to settela lawsuits. Rental furniture is legally considered liquid stable debt. And the law was passed that credit bureaus can no longer allow anyone to submit any liquidadable debt on ones credit history.

It's a violation or 2major consumer laws now. So of corse be honest and don't use fake information. Butt when your honest they try to stick it to you come on. They charge you triple what the price is.

There rapists.

They prey on people who are desperate. *** them.


That is not true. Rent a center with a police report will not continue to charge you for stolen merchandise.


Unfortunately, per the lease Aarons is not responsible for the merchandise if its lost, stolen or broken by what they call abuse. Just like if you bought a tv anywhere else-- best buy, walmart, sears...they wouldnt cover it either.

Do you have renters insurance etc? That would cover anything stolen.

Its really unfortunate that someone you allowed to stay in your home would steal from you, if you know them..maybe try pressing charges on them for theft at your local magistrate, wouldnt help to try. Good luck!

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