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I took an Aaron chair to get fixed at the healthy back store in Alexandria, VA (Duke St) in November 2009. The person I talked to took the chair and said they could fix it.

I paid a fee of $156.45 and the person said the part would be ordered and they would contact me.

About a month later they called me to say that the part had arrived and that I had to pay another $150 so they would fix the chair. I paid.

Now (Mar 2010) I have been calling the store to find out if the chair is ready or not.

Guess what? They dont know where my chair is. They are telling me they dont have my chair at their store.

I called the customer service 240-297-1850 many times, left messages and no response so far. Every time I call the store and try to talk to the manager they tell me the manager is not there and they dont know when he will be back.

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There is usually a 3-6 month turn over with this company. Getting a manager or an employee who knows what's going on is hard work.

The chair repair program is a joke. The whole company is a joke and regularly in the negative for reasons like this.

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