Corvallis, Oregon

I had a friend of mine die in a motorcycle accident and they were taking my grandmother off of life support and my general manage got pissed because i could not go to a school...I had told him they were taking my grandmother off of life support that day and he told me they were just putting her to sleep and it did not matter that i had to go...I asked for my vacation time and guess what ..they gave it to me and let me go....Very Bad Management... arrons does not care about employees either...Hope others find this with the company and post here

Monetary Loss: $1.

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Should **** Typo before


You guys are harsh. Yes there were a few mistakes with grammer, but the fact is this guy was treated poorly at an unfortunate time. I think you shoould contact HR as well.


That is aweful. You should have contacted HR, for assistance regarding your leave time. Good Luck!


Well if you type like the way you type good luck finding another job. Maybe the real reason you were let go because they found out you did not pass eighth grade English.

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