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Geting a acc with this company was the worst thing I eaver did they lie and are dishonest about what thay are able to do for you. there has been nothen but troble with the acc the frist laptop I got did not work then I got another one and I had to call hp once a week till 7 moths latter I was fed up and I am now cancelling my hole acc.

I naver missed a payment and when I went to complain about being messed around thay where very rude and if I would have not got a used playstaion3 That thay called new but that was rented befour and thay tryed to still charge me full price so I am geting rid me acc that would have been 300.00 acc and since this happened I am done with aarons. my name is jeremy ritter don t not rent with aarros

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Aaron's are completely A\wholes topeople I swear to god got amnesia. Was unaware that I "rented" my bedroom set (I didn't even know my ownchild not the house I loved in).

My contact info was out of date. Before this issue I always paid my bill on time. I got 3months behind. Not just on that bill but other bills all my bills because I had no clue what I was doing what bills I had or didn't have and was unable to work.

I had already paid WAY more then the bed was actually worth. When they finally started knocking on my door I explained what happened I showed them medical documents proving my story. They asked me for updated information and new numbers for people I used as references I complied. They asked when I would be able tomake a payment I told them in a week.

The guy left After giving updated info even making anarrangement they continued to Harrass not only me but ever perso used as a reference.

Very RUDE uncaring people. In a week (as scheduled with them)

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