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Not only are we having an extreme problem with Aaron Rents RCA 52" televisions it is occuring in our neighboring states as well. We have been excellent customers, and we are treated like we are garbage.

This is not the first time I have leased an item from Aarons, but it will be the last. The tv I purchased was still in the box completely sealed when I picked it out. It was delivered to my house in the same sealed box. We waited 7 months for them to return our tv from the repair of the tv turning off and not coming on by itself.

When they finally returned the tv the same problem started again within 2 hours of its delivery! We have been leasing this tv for over a year now, and have only had it in our possesion for about 2 months due to the time it takes aarons to repair and return it to us. In the meantime we have had a RCA loaner television and have not had one moments trouble from it. For the outrageous price I agreed to pay I expect top notch customer service.

The manager has went as far as blaming the repairman, saying the model is no longer carried by Aarons (I now know why), and telling me (even though it is stated completely different in my contract) that we have a 2 year extended warranty that aarons purchases on all their products. All of these excuses I have been given are lies. I just happen to know someone that works at that store. I have a witness that has told me that on both occasions when they pick up my tv and keep it for months it just sets in the back of the store until they are tired of hearing me ask when it will be returned to me.

I want something done or we will be on our way to court. We work hard for every dime we make, and we do not intend to just give it to aarons because they sell faulty products! What they do not realize is that we have enough proof do go to court and get back every dime.

I am so frustrated with them at this point I will spend more to go to court then it is worth just to prove my point and get some long awaited justice! I am going back to Rent A Center where they know how to treat their customers!

Jennifer Lackey

Anniston, Alabama 36201

Monetary Loss: $3.

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They lack alot when it comes to repairs. They always send out their delivery drivers first to fix the problems.

Richard the delivery driver here in New Iberia, La had made an attempt to repair a broken refrigerator we had with them. He told us he did not know anything about repairing refrigerators and could not understand why they expect him to fix it. That broken refrigerator had sat in my kitchen for 3 months before it was picked up.

They had never delivered a loaner or new one that did work we had to go find one else where. They even still tried to get us to pay for the broken one while it sat in my kitchen.

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