i recently rented a 60 in tv from aarons. approx 8 months into the rental aggrement the tv started messing up.

i contacted them and told them i wanted a different tv. apperently thats too much to ask. they brought me a

"loaner" tv basicaly another piece of *** and told me they would send my tv in for repair. its been 4 weeks and my tv is still sitting in there back room.

i told them i wanted to get a different tv and they told me i would loose the almost 1000.00 i had already paid. i told them that was unacceptable since it wasn't my fault the tv messed up. we came to an aggrement and i ordered a different tv.

4 weeks later i still havent received the tv and was even called *** by the manager. *** poor service *** poor managers i will never recomend them to anyone i like

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i rented a tv a year and a half and im almost done with my lease. the tv is broken and i dont have warranty.

i only have 400 left to pay which will be in three months. what do i do? it has lines and and different colors.

it is my fault, can i have them fix for a fee? does anyone know?


I have dealt with the New Iberia store for 9 years. A year or so back they put Heather Lowe as a manager.

After making numerous complaints regarding much of the merchandise I had from them nothing was ever done. Kody would call and harass my husband and I for payments that they had already received.

Zeb also got ugly with me on the phone yesterday. They do not any skills regarding customer service.

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