Calgary, Alberta

I walked into the Aarons store in SE Calgary, and saw what we want right away. We're willling to buy the whole darn set.

We stood, inspected, sat, resat and looked some more at the set. Walked to the counter for Sales help, where 5 employees were BS'in and never bothered to say one word to us. We though Okay maybe this is something work related and important so we stood there for a few min WAITING for them to finish. None ever aknowleged us standing there.

Then just as we're getting pissed and about to say something another couple walks in and three of them jump to help them. The Manager walks out of the back room, FINALLY says can I help you to my husband, and he looks at him and says NO. Then proceeds to let him know his store sucks and customer service is at an all time low and that we had planned to purchase and entire room set from them and that they just lost our sales for EVER....

I hope thay fail misserble as a company they seem to hire only idiots! I've told all my firends and family in Canda and the US to not set foot in their stores, sure hope thay pass it on.

Product or Service Mentioned: Aarons Manager.

Monetary Loss: $2800.

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my hubby and i have leased to own on 2 separate occasions...if we knew about the problems to come we would have NEVER went to them again!

1st items we leased were a high def big screen with surround sound and a stand. our first problem, a connector was loose on the dvd player, 1st they said they'd replace it, then sent someone to take it for 2 weeks to fix it, not so bad if your not paying for it for those 2 weeks you DONT have it came the disagreement on when our last payment was, after much discussion and myself letting them know i have ALL my receipts, we owed the items at the time WE knew was right.

Today we went out and paid for a brand new washer and dryer, beause the ones we have been leasing from aarons for almost 2 years now (lease ends in Nov)have been nothing but headaches...according to their computer our lease isnt over till January (i have the contract that says otherwise) we never received the pedestals to go under the washer/dryer. and of course I kept all the receipts and as soon as whomever I am talking to finds that out, they hang up on me.

I will be calling their head office (not sure if it will do anything) and filing with the BBB. I have no idea how they have remained in business treating people like this....STAY AWAY FROM AARONS, or if you have to go with them, KEEP ALL PAPERWORK!!!!


They actually came to your door. Well mine they would be in for a rude awakening.


The SE store especially the employees are rude, name calling, people. The call on the phone call me names and then show at the door, bang on all windows and door, try to PUSH their way into the house, hitting with fits and hands causing marks.

Yelling at the top of their voices - calling me and my family members every name in the book. I am filing charges against them for harrassment and assult and I hope they stick. People that act this way for a company and are employed or encouraged to act like .....

- this is not a company to buy from. Every person SHOULD be treated with respect and not abuse.


Thanks for leting us know because I was moving to Calgray and searching for furniture store. I will stay away from them.

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