Las Piedras, Puerto Rico

Well called to pay on my payment an did the man that answer d Ph was ruled he kept telling me he did not tell me I couldn't pay on my furniture on the 15th wen he did an he was yelling an saying he swear on his daughters life an y wood he lie then he called me a lier then he told me to shutup an listen its like he didn't want to here wat I said that was ruded as *** I'm not even behind come to find out he had put it in the computer an saw that he did say that he could have appoligise to me I don't think they should talk *** to a costumer who pays on time all d time the store is on north trying an he is d manerger

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WHAT??? :eek


The kind of people who need to rent furniture tend to not be the most educated in this country, that's for sure.


You're an embarrassment to Americans everywhere. Learn some proper English.

No wonder everyone thinks Americans are so dumb. We have stup1d people like you living in the U.S.

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