Jeffersonville, Indiana
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ok I called on the 14th lettin anthony knw I was going to be late with a payment he replyed ok now I pay my rental off in 2mos. so this shows I am loyal but yet and still I get nastey call when I go to pay in new albany arrons I see them call jeffersonville arrons and I call to let them knw I paid it there and they still call harassing as if neither one of us call to report the payment it seems to me there is no order andno respect for cosumers I will never one to the jeff store after I pay off my bed framei even explained to them I had not for got my payment but I willget it in asap becouse I was under the weather plz handle this store I never want no pne else to be talked to or be treaded badly as I was...

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Your lack of capitalization, punctuation, poor spelling and grammar indicate you aren't real well educated. Bed frames are cheap enough that you could have went to a furniture store and bought one right out, without having to pay the high interest aht rent to own places charge.

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