Elgin, Illinois
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I will never in my life buy anything from arron's again and i will tell all my friends that they have rude employees who act like the care when you buy, but stalk you if your late on a payment, I have only two payments left, this month i had to go on leave and i am broke and it's only been 9 days since I missed a $88 payment and they are threating to pick up my couches which arent any good in the first place, you suck and i hate you arrons, you have no idea what I've had to go through and i gotta come home to crazy threating messages and letters at my door. I hate you Arron's furniture!!!!!!!!!

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It's not thier fault you got behind, I was behind also but, I didnt ignore them and they helped me get back on track.


It doesn't matter if you talk to these people or not....I think Aaron's managers get trained to be jerks. When I got my "brand new" refrigerator it was broken and the manager refused to get it fixed so I refused to pay for a broken refrigerator.

When I told the manager to pick it up he offered to give a credit.

So he gave me a credit and fixed it, but then he refused my payment when it was due...and now says that I am trying to steal his stuff. My next step is to throw the *** outside and NEVER deal with Aaron's again!!!!


If the couches were not that great, why did you buy them in the first place? Have you called them back or are you ignoring them hoping they will go away?

Try talking to them, you'd be amazed what they might be able to work out. :cry

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