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I applied for merchandise at Aarons (Colerain, OH). The application asks for 3 references. I provided my mom, sister, and a good friend.

A rep at Aarons called my sister and asked her if I paid my bills on time. My sister replied, I assume so, but I dont live with her, so it is nothing she could confirm or deny.

The rep said to her, that she should know if I am credit worthy or not cause she is my sister.

This is a disturbing reference call. Do I really want to do business with them? Since when was this type of questioning considered a reference?

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Since they advertise that no credit is needed I would say Yes you have a right to be disgruntled. Find another location or contact corporate.


Aarons is HORRIBLE. I used to be a long term paying customer with them and have paid thousands into their company on merchandise.

I have never experienced such a change in rudeness in my life with this company! I was 2 days late with a payment and they started calling my references!! My son calls to tell me that they were calling him wanting me to contact them. I understand they want their payment, but I was only 2 days behind!

This is ridiculous. Its harassment and I would just LOVE to get a joint law suit going with other unhappy Aarons customers.


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Excellent story. Just make sure you don't jump over the counter and smack ' a certain Taco Bell employee. :zzz


Your sister should have told them that is none of their concern whether she knows about you being credit worthy or not.

A while back, when I was a kid this phone company called and my foster sister answered. Our foster parents were not home.

The rep kept asking question, and would not let my sister get off the phone. Then when she did not know the answers the rep was rude asking why she did not get someone else to answer the questions.

After that our foster parents switched to another phone company because of her rudeness and told asked them to find out who it was that was rude(providing information such as time of call ect) and take action. They eventually found out themselves the lady that called, and told her because she was rude they switched companies.


Aaron's furniture will cease to exist in a few weeks.

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