Worcester, Massachusetts

I once rented from Aarons never do it again. I called to find out why my property that I rented was not delivered.

The first person to answer the phone was truely unprofessional attutide and street talk was all I got. When it finally did get delivered it was dented and scratched from the delivery guys who by the way not one spoke English. Very difficult to find out how to work or use your product. I do not have anything against people that dont know the English language but considering I do not know Spanish it was hard to communicate with the workers.

Then a year in to my lease agreement my son was admitted into the hospital they called my phone four to five times a day. They called my family members who explained where I was and that when I was available they would talk to me and let me know that did not stop the calls. Then a week later they took it upon them selves to use my card number and with drawn the money without permission. I called then and asked how they used the card number without permission and Johnnie said if you paid on time we would not have taken it.

I asked to get the main company number and he refused to give it to me gave the the managers name Dave to call back and speak to which he was never available to talk to.

Never got anywhere! Never again will I rent!!!

Product or Service Mentioned: Aarons Delivery Service.

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I recently purchased a used laptop at Aarons and I did the whole application. The only thing is I just moved to the new location and I don't know anyone so I had put family references.

They also asked about my landlord but I didn't have his information on me.

I gave them my first payment and I signed the paperwork and I have paperwork I took as well. Will they still deliver it to me?


Jane Doe,

You know what most of us don't have money flying out of our *** like you must have so there for we can't pay cash for everything like you must be doing! We are not *** we just can't afford to buy outright like the rich B I T C H'S like you!

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