Aberdeen, South Dakota

I am writing in response to the newest female employee in the Aberdeen s.dak. store. she is a former employee of the local competitor I had dealings with her at her former store she is rude and obnoxious she is the main reason a lot of people(Including myself)took their business to Aaron's in the first place.

She will hound you the day your payment is due and heaven forbid you are a week late she will call your cell phone ,your house phone and your place of business. She makes appointments (in her mind ) when you don't show she will call and inform you that you did not show when you were supposed to.

she lost her job at the competitor for possible theft (is this the kind of employee they are looking for) maybe they should hold their job fair at the state pen they might find a better person for the job. when I make my payment I want to know it is towards the purchase of my equipment not her pocket book.

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I'm surprised that Aaron's gets such bad reviews. I just paid off a TV and a laptop computer from them and plan on getting a desktop next. If you went to Aarons it is because your credit sucks...so you cant be upset if they expect payment the day it is due, and the store i have dealt with has actually given me 2 months worth of deferments (adding a payment to the end of your contract and 'forgiving' the month you are on) to help make sure I am not going to lose the investment I have on the products I purchased.


Some Aaron's stores employees are something else to deal with. I go to the main guy at the store in person or by phone


What do you expect if you fail to meet your obligations? YOU are the one who is in default, and it is up to you to explain why you are and what you intend to do about it.


I work at an Aarons and believe me when I say the very last thing we want to do is "hound" customers about their payments. We ask that the customers please contact us if they will be late with the payment.

If they do not then we have no choice but to call them as Aarons does not have a grace period. If all customers paid their bills in a timely manner then there would be no need for us to ever call.

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