North Fort Myers, Florida
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I was being harassed at work daily with at least 7 calls per day. I have never been late with a payment.

I called their north fort Myers branch regarding my concerns with the harassing phone calls. The CSR proceeds to tell me after our 5th phone call of the day after I was hung up on more than 3 times. That I must be mistaken and denied that they even called. Then proceeded to tell me that she is great at her job.I told her that if they could not provide proper customer service and stop harassing me then they could Have their item back.

A male and female show up at my door 15 minutes later. My payment wasn't even due yet. They proceed to be disrespectful and continue to run their months. Meanwhile my children are home.

I would never recommend them to anyone.

Everyone in customer service knows the customer is always right and your job is to try to fix the situation. Never try to talk down to someone or treat them with disrespect.

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Dear anonymous,

Thanks for your review, and I am happy that this issue has been brought to my attention. I would gladly look into this with the North Fort Myers store. If you would please call me at 678-402-3403 or email with your name and contact information, I would appreciate it.

Look forward to hearing from you and resolving this concern.

Thank you,


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