Richmond, Virginia
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they quick to take your money over charge you and destroy your credit.they place you into the credit bu...charge you off and 1 leave the dollar amount showing that they so claim after you return the items back to them 2 you allow them to pick the stuff up and bring back to the store and they still charge you for take them to court they get in front a judge and lie through their teeth....they got people working for them with racial attitudes.they employ people that cant *** or subtract.they are the KKK

Monetary Loss: $3500.

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i was not aware that we are in class and that iam trying out for a passing grade

the acct was charge off but as i said your company liar and steal plain and simple and we when to court and your company got in front of the judge and played a completely different game that you on this site speaking aaron's showly know how to play the victim and also the loan sharking business should be just kept on the street not dealing with the public all property was returned back to your store and if you shop at aaron's rest to sure they will *** and your credit oh everything in my home is paid for in cash. and why should i have been arrested for something that was paid for and aaron's try to take something that was no longer their property this company is full of ***. it is what it is


If your account charged off, you failed to pay on their property for over 60 days, your lucky they just reported to credit instead of taking you to court for "theft of leased property". Just remember, per the agreement YOU SIGNED until you pay the balance the merchandise AND ALL OTHER FEES YOU AGREED TO PAY WHEN YOU SIGNED IT..the merchandise does not belong to you, it belongs to Aarons and you still owe all fees and back rent.

You should be embarassed if they have to come to your house because you are holding stolen property in your home that you are failing to pay for or refusing to pay back payments. Seeing your comment, poor grammar and horrible language kinda screams GUILTY.


i didn'i realize that others had responsed to my comment, until now and to carl and jac i see that iam not the only person that feels this way this company are robbers and they hired these dump *** white boys that think they are bad and at the in of the day their *** are no bigger than their brains. yeah i said it.

yes, i am sick of companies and people that take advantaged of situations and of people then screw up their credit once a item is charged off the4 dollar amt.

should not be left on their credit report. just so u know i do have white friends than iam cool with but most white people are just what i said they are robbers and ha ha kkk got your attention


what do common sense got to do with making a honest purchase that's why we have store's *** when operating a store the owners should not be robbing their customers and teach them that the customer is always right know matter what because without the customer u *** u don't have a job first thing. therefore the word kkk got your attention and most likely u made a comment then u must work for the robbers.

just so u know that the 3 letters kkk dont mean jack dont to me it is a 3 letter comment don't mean jack so pull your head out of your *** and don't get your panties in a bunch i speak what i feel its call freedom of speak get over it dump-*** because u really don't want to take me there. the white boy spoke in a manner to me that he should'nt have.

Then in front of other white people to make a point and make himself feel good then proceed to following me out of the store as if i was a criminal so therefore the comments to jac u most likely work for this company and for carl when i am speaking on my money just shut up. :zzz :zzz :zzz


I would take this complaint seriously if it actually made any sense.


YOU MUST NOT BE VERY INTELLIGENT IF YOU ARENT SMART ENOUGH TO SAVE MONEY AND BUY STUFF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :zzz :zzz :upset :upset :eek :eek :roll :roll :roll :x :x :x :x :x

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