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I went to arons rental and got a laptop they were very friendly i was asked what due date i wanted the first or sixteenth..I choose the sixteen it was a weekday and they were closing so they were rushing me and i never even got acopy of my contract then i get a statement and the dates different so i call and they said if i wanted to give them two weeks rent they could change the due date to the sixteenth needless to say i was not pleased.Now they call me at home at work wanting the payment on the first after repeated being told No,I did on line payments according to the bank they have been paid they keepcalling and saying they have not and they still have not given me acopy of the contract.

Monetary Loss: $1200.

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Perhaps you should have read what you signed. Aaron's does not have "two week" payments.

They have semi-monthly, with fixed due dates of the first and the fifteenth, or monthly due on the first or Fifteenth. Their agreements clearly state that they have no grace period.


But no laws also state the customer is to be given a contract, if they do not then you still have time to sue them. No laws is 5 yes from date of pay off. Plus, they will need to prove you received a contract from them.


Sorry I meant MO (Missouri) laws.

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