Plattsburgh, New York
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took laptop back to Aaron's to be fixed and hold til i could make payment never was told it could be only 30 days. went back before thanksgiving, by the way this happened in October, it was never sent out!

the man said it would be done OK now its 1 wk before Christmas and find out it was done but leased out to someone else!!! now i have lost all my grandsons pics i had there nobody called and asked me to come and get the info. OK now i get another one with blue-ray i had to pay a returned check the paperwork done went back the next week to get it and guess what it too was leased to somebody!!!!! now how can that be????

the only thing that was done was put the money i paid on other one and took $10 off the payment but i would like more say how about they take another $150 off and i will be happy.

the phone # is 5185616373 and talk to Dave. thank you

Monetary Loss: $500.

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Hi Dave,

I read your complaint about Aaron's. My law firm is investigating claims against Aaron’s. If you are interested in learning more and becoming part of the lawsuit you can contact me , Patrice Sandhu, at psandhu@susmangodfrey. com or Katherine Hoek at khoek@susmangodfrey.



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